GIS4C can assist you with the implementation of GIS in your organization. Our GIS consultants have worked in many projects and are able to apply the software in many ways. Whether it is supporting the customer who started working with ArcGIS Desktop or an enterprise organization in which GIS is used to integrate several mission critical applications, we can be your partner.

Common tasks which are done by our GIS consultants are:

  • Software installation
  • User Needs Assessment
  • Datamodel design
  • Data conversion
  • Custom applications
  • Automating processes using Modelbuilder
  • Map production
  • ArcPad customization
  • ArcGIS Server customization


To benefit from the ArcGIS software we recommend you to attend one of Esri trainings. The trainings are led by Esri Authorized trainers. In the training room at GIS4C we can host trainings for up to twelve students. During our trainings we make use of Esri training material. We can also prepare and teach custom trainings at your location. The courses provided are:

  • Introduction to ArcPad                                                                
  • Introduction to ArcGIS Desktop 
  • Introduction to ArcGIS Server 
  • Introduction to the Multi User Database