Mobile GIS

Accessible everywhere

Mobile GIS makes your GIS accessible at every location; Employees in the field can obtain, edit and analyse geographical information, enabling faster decisionmaking.

3 Mobile products

  • ArcGIS Mobile 
  • ArcPad
  • ArcGIS for iOS

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Which product suits my business process?

 ArcGIS Mobile is a task-oriented mobile GIS application for reading, changing, searching and synchronizing GIS data with ArcGIS Server. Maintainance, configuration and distribution of mobile data, maps and projects is handled centrally.

ArcPad is a mobile GIS application with a lot of functions. It has advanced tools for finding, creating and editing GIS information. ArcGIS Desktop handles the Check-out and Check-in of ArcPad data and maps.


ArcGIS Mobile


For enterprise fieldworkers

For GIS-managers and fieldworkers

Middle to large sized organizations

Small to middle sized organizations

Distribution from ArcGIS Server

Distribution from ArcGIS Desktop

Task-oriented workflow

Map-oriented workflow

Take GIS with you

ArcGIS Mobile enables organizations to publish centrally managed GIS data and functions to various mobile devices. With ArcGIS Mobile you can develop user friendly GIS applications that makes workflow more efficient.

AcrGIS Mobile applications allow fieldworkers to:

  • View and query geographical data
  • Make drafts
  • Use GPS
  • View and edit enterprise data


GIS fieldwork

ArcPad was designed for GIS professionals who want to use GIS functions in the field. With ArcPad they can show, acquire, edit and analyse geographical information easily and efficiently.

ArcPad lets workers do the following:

  • Lets fieldworkers use enterprise data
  • Use of GPS, range finders and digital cameras with data collecting
  • Validating input data directly in the field

Download a trialversion of ArcPad

Download the ArcPad brochure

GIS on the mobile phone

ArcGIS for iOS gives GIS functions to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The software is available from the Apple App Store. This app contains the following functionality:

  • Finding and sharing maps through ArcGIS Online
  • Using tools like search, identify, measure and query.
  • Collecting and editing GIS-features and attributes; not yet available in version one.

With the use of ArcGIS API for iOS you can develop the app after your needs.

Download ArcGIS for iOS.